Rates & Fees

JCWSA Conservation rates are broken down into the following categories: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Fire Line, Hydrant Meter Rentals, Irrigation, Sewer and Senior customers. 

Each customer base consists of a base fee as well as multiple tiers that may affect rates based on total water usage. You may download and view these rates by clicking the links to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay $3,200 for a meter?
  • The $3,200 water connection fee is not a meter purchase fee.
  • The meter is the property of the Authority.
    • It is a measuring device owned and used by the Authority to determine the amount of water used at your service location.
  • The connection fee you pay buys capacity in the water system. Basically, it is a “ready to serve” fee.
    • This fee helps to cover the cost of providing water to you.
      • It helps offset the debt incurred to build the reservoir, run the lines to provide, and treat the water.
      • It helps to offset depreciation, and prepare for repairs and maintenance of the system.
Why do I have to pay a minimum bill each month even if I don’t use the water, or I’m not connected to the system?
  • The monthly minimum is charged as long as a meter is installed at your service
    • The meter must be monitored and maintained
    • A reading is required to be gathered monthly
    • The monthly minimum helps to offset the administrative and maintenance
      cost of providing the meter at your service address.
What if I don’t want to pay the minimum fee?
  • The Authority’s meter can be removed at the request of the owner of the property.
    • No monthly charges will be billed until a meter is reinstalled.
    • The subscriber will be required to pay a re-installation fee for a meter to be
      put in place for provision of water at the current re-installation fee.
      Presently, the fee is $200.