ServLine Program

Jackson County Water & Sewerage Authority is expanding our water loss coverage through our new ServLine Program and providing our residential customers the opportunity to add line repair and replacement coverage.

For more information on Water Loss Protection and to add Line Protection, call us at (706) 521-3900. You may also download our informational flyer by clicking here.

Explanation of ServLine Services

Water Loss Protection


As a residential customer, you are automatically protected by our Water Loss Program. This is the only way JCWSA will adjust residential leaks after 1/1/18.

  • Water Loss Protection from excess water charges resulting from eligible plumbing leaks, up to $2,500. No deductible.
  • Call us to decline protection and accept full responsibility for water bills resulting from eligible plumbing leaks.
  • Please refer to our leak adjustment policy for guidelines and qualifications for leak adjustments.
  • All qualifying residential leaks occurring after January 1st, 2018 will only be adjusted through our ServLine Program

Water Line Protection


Enroll in the Line Protection Program to avoid water line repair/replacement costs. There is a 30 day waiting period for those who enroll after 1/1/18.

  • Covers repair or replacement of water line up to $10,000. No deductible. No annual limit.
  • Includes public paved surfaces & $500 for basic site restoration & $500 for private paved surfaces like sidewalks or driveways.
  • Provides Water Line Protection from your meter to the foundation of your home.
  • Does Not Provide Protection For: Water Meter, Water Pit, Water Vault, Pumps, Valves, Or Backflow Meters.
  • Contact Us To Request A Full Copy Of Program Protections And Exclusions.
  • Be protected from these expensive repairs! Enrollment after January 1st, 2018 requires a 30 day waiting period.