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Jackson County and Municipalities
Fire Hydrant ID's
Assigned Numbering Ranges

In a coordinated effort to positivley identify fire hayrants, while collecting GPS data, the following range of numbers has been allocated for each area.

For the GIS database to work, all ID numbers must be unique. By assigning a range of numbers to specific areas, the ID's will be unique to each. This allows individual groups to tag and record their data independently and, later, when data from all areas is combined into a single, "County Fire Hydrant Layer", all ID's will remain unique; we will have no duplicate ID's in the layer.

An ID Number, selected from the assigned range of numbers for a particular area, will be physically placed on each fire hydrant and it's XY coordinate recorded using a GPS data collector. At the same time, this ID Number will be recorded, and later displayed on maps along with each fire hydrant. When a fireman, maintainence worker, or other party takes a fire hydrant map to the field and locates a particular hydrant, the individual can be certain that the map and the field location are correctly matched by comparing the ID physically located on the hydrant and the ID labeled on the map.

Area From To Count
City of Commerce 0 3999 3999
JCWSA* 4000 13999 9999
City of Jefferson 14000 17999 3999
City of Maysville 18000 21999 3999
City of Nicholson 22000 25999 3999
City of Hoschton 26000 29999 3999
City of Braselton 30000 33999 3999

*Arcade, Pendergrass, and Talmo hydrants are part of the JCWSA water system.