Water Quality: No Alerts!

There are currently no alerts or advisories regarding JCWSA's water supply.  For more information, please check our Water Distribution Department page.

Water Conservation and Use Restrictions: No Current Restrictions

New Rates Effective Februaruy 1, 2020! More information can be found here.


Emergency Contact Information

For customers, vendors, or any emergencies otherwise related to Jackson County Water & Sewerage Authority of Georgia.

If you need assistance Monday through Friday, 7:30AM - 5:00PM, please call our office at 706-367-1741.  Also, please direct any calls concerning billing, new service, service cancellation, etc. to 706-367-1741.  The numbers listed below are only for after hours emergencies.

Water Emergencies: 706-387-2771

Sewer/Wastewater Emergencies:  706-387-2772


*A message for our sewer customers:

JCWSA maintains the sewer mains - and homeowner sewer service lines, but only from the road to the customer’s property line (road right-of-way). It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the sewer line from their home to the road right-of-way.

If you have a sewer back-up and you call the wastewater department, staff will check the sewer main in the road to verify it is flowing properly. If the check indicates a blockage in the main, then JCWSA is responsible to repair it. A flowing sewer main in the road indicates the cause of the home’s back-up is in the homeowner’s line to the road right-of-way. In this case, the homeowner is advised to call a licensed plumbing contractor, as the JCWSA does not perform work on private property.

Thank you!